Bardo, literally means "a space crammed with events and great significance". Each individual wine offer has been selected from the area in South Africa that is most renowned for that specific cultivar and therefore best represents its individual characteristics.


The South African tradition of wine-making has a long and distinguished history. The first French Vines, such as Chenin Blanc, arrived in Cape Town in 1656 and the first wines were produced in 1659. In 1688 the first French Huguenots settled in South Africa and their experience and expertise as winemakers from the South of France laid the foundation of the well established Wine Industry of the Western Cape.


After selection, Bardo is transported to the ultra-modern Good Hope International Beverages factory where it is aseptically packed in an ideal environment and ultimately packaged in the new Tetra Sq. 1 Litre Steam-cap with an additional patented Surlyn inner layer to seal in the quality of our wine.

Cape Wine Works (PTY) LTD

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